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CHIBE Scientific Director Dr. Alison Buttenheim and Associate Director Dr. Harsha Thirumurthy continue to play a leadership role in Indlela, the first-of-its-kind nudge unit they co-founded in 2020 in South Africa. Based at Wits University, Indlela has strengthened local capacity to do applied behavioral economics research and partnered on research projects with several organizations that deliver HIV services in the public sector. Indlela’s work has included several evaluations of nudges and other behavioral interventions to improve HIV prevention and treatment outcomes in the country with the world’s largest HIV epidemic. Earlier this year, Indlela received four years of additional funding from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation to help develop behaviorally informed HIV programs. The additional funding will also help Indlela expand its work in eastern and southern Africa, establish a behavioral economics fellowship program, and host nudgeathons to identify promising behavioral solutions. Now led by Wits University, Drs. Buttenheim and Thirumurthy continue to be part of Indlela’s senior leadership team.

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Interested in collaborating with Indlela on behavioral solutions to improve health services and outcomes in South Africa? Get in touch to learn more about how we can work together.