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Medpage Today: HHS Proposes Review of All Its Existing Regulations

The Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) recently proposed a rule which requires the review of regulations to maintain their relevancy and delivery of promised benefits. Regulations would be reviewed by the department every ten years. However, this regulation could be disruptive to certain parties. For instance, healthcare financing rules that are required to be reviewed could affect the associated finances for particular nursing programs. Gail Wilensky, PhD, senior fellow at Project HOPE, expressed that the idea of reviewing old regulations “is certainly a sensible idea, to see whether or not they remain relevant in their current form.” In a press release on the rule, HHS said that the rule will not impose undue or impractical burdens on agencies within HHS. “Agencies such as CMS already update significant amounts of regulations each year, including through annual payment rules,” the press release states. “The department estimates investing approximately $10-26 million in this effort over 10 years. HHS’ annual budget is more than $1 trillion.” Read more on Medpage Today.

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