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Dr. Roberto Wins William Osler Patient Oriented Research Award

Dr. Christina Roberto has been honored with the William Osler Patient Oriented Research Award, which is one of the Penn Medicine Awards of Excellence. The award recognizes achievement for research in which an investigator directly interacts with human subjects. Dr. Roberto has made significant scientific contributions across a range of areas related to food policy and public health more broadly. As the Director of the Psychology of Eating and Consumer Health (PEACH) Lab at Penn, Dr. Roberto has led high-profile interdisciplinary research projects that have informed policies locally and nationally. This includes clinical trials that have evaluated interventions to promote healthy food choices in community settings, such as food pantries and supermarkets, as well as quasi-experimental studies that have estimated population-level effects of policies like sweetened beverage taxes. Her work blends public health and medical approaches in ways that are sorely needed to tackle the greatest public health challenges of our time. Dr. Roberto is a CHIBE Associate Director.

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