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Dr. Largent Promoted to Associate Professor with Tenure

Congratulations to Dr. Emily Largent, a CHIBE-affiliated faculty member, who has been promoted to Associate Professor of Medical Ethics and Health Policy with tenure, effective July 2024.

“Dr. Largent established herself as an outstanding scholar before joining us, having authored multiple high-profile and high-impact articles on various dimensions of research ethics including learning health systems, payment for research participation, and other areas. She continued her outstanding work on research ethics after joining us, but also developed a second line of research on the ethical and legal challenges associated with dementia, especially when considering individuals identified as having high risk for dementia based upon biomarker testing and individuals with minimal cognitive impairment. Her work on the implications of biomarker-based diagnosis for patients, caregivers, and society at large has been enormously impactful,” wrote Steven Joffe, MD, MPH, Chair of the Department of Medical Ethics and Health Policy in a departmental announcement.

“It’s not an exaggeration to say that Dr. Largent has established herself as one of the country’s leading scholars of both the ethical, legal, and social implications of dementia and the ethics of clinical research,” he added.

emily largent