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Co. Design: The magic number of people needed to create social change

“In the era of #MeToo, #BlackLivesMatter, and other movements organized through grassroots groups on social media, the research adds fascinating insight into the social dynamics of protest. And in one sense, it’s an encouraging thought–that some people may be closer to changing their minds than you think. ‘When a community is close to a tipping point to cause large-scale social change, there’s no way they would know this,’ says lead author Damon Centola, who is associate professor at the University of Pennsylvania, in a release. ‘And if they’re just below a tipping point, their efforts will fail. But, remarkably, just by adding one more person, and getting above the 25% tipping point, their efforts can have rapid success in changing the entire population’s opinion.'” Read more at Co. Design

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