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Adweek: How Brands Can Use Psychology to Improve Marketing Techniques

“In a saturated world of brand choices, it’s increasingly difficult to stand out and create memorable customer experiences. While there is no doubt that the brand landscape will continue to balloon in coming years, one thing that won’t change is human psychology and the principles that drive our interactions with brands every day. Understanding the way these dynamics impact brand engagement and loyalty can help your brand stand out from the competition. Here I’ll explore three psychological principles and how you can leverage them to influence your buyers’ relationship with your brand.

Use emotion

We make decisions based on intuition, emotions and a sense of connection to a product, person, value or vision. Sure, we may take into account the pros and cons or features and benefits as we arrive at a decision, but countless studies, including research by behavioral economist George Loewenstein, confirm that up to 90 percent of decisions are based on emotions.” Read the rest of the article at Adweek.