david abrams headshot

University of Pennsylvania
Law School
134 Silverman Hall
3400 Chestnut Street

Phone: 215-898-7497
Fax: 215-573-8778
Email: dabrams@law.upenn.edu
Research Area(s): Clinician Behavior

David Abrams, PhD, MS

Professor of Law, Business Economics and Public Policy, University of Pennsylvania Law School

Professor of Law, Business Economics and Public Policy, Wharton School

David Abrams is an empirical economist whose work brings to bear modern econometric techniques to a variety of topics in economics, with a particular focus on law and economics. Ongoing projects are mostly of an empirical bent, and address a range of questions. Some of these include: the impact of advertising and payments to physicians on pharmaceutical choice; the effect of medical resident work hour limits on patient outcomes; the efficacy of diffuse monitoring on driver safety; and the value of expanded intellectual property protection. Recent research has included investigations into attorney performance, judicial bail setting, the deterrent effect of incarceration, and the impact of race in criminal sentencing. Additionally, Abrams has begun a series of projects which make use of the unique experimental environment of virtual worlds to answer an array of economic and legal questions.

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