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Afsaneh Doryab, PhD

Afsaneh Doryab, PhD

Assistant Professor of Engineering and Applied Science, University of Virginia

Assistant Professor at the School of Engineering and Applied Science at the University of Virginia
CHIBE-affiliated faculty member


Dr. Doryab’s research is at the intersection of health, mobile and ubiquitous computing, AI, and HCI. She works on computational modeling of human behavior (including Activity Recognition) from data streams collected through mobile, wearable, and embedded sensors. Examples of her work in the health domain include the detection of behavior change in people with depression, predicting mania-depression episodes in bipolar disorder, estimation of symptom severity in cancer patients, and modeling of surgical activities inside the operating room. She also works on intelligent applications for social good. Her recent work in Context-aware Peer-to-Peer economic exchange is focused on connecting communities of people through mobile technology to enable successful and meaningful service transactions, especially in low-income communities. In her research, she draws on methods from Machine Learning, Data Mining, Statistics, and Human-Computer Interaction.