Courses for Training in Behavioral Economics and Health

There are a number of courses at the University of Pennsylvania that can further education, training, and career development in behavioral economics as it might apply to improving health. University courses are subject to change from year to year. Some Penn courses have prerequisites and/or require permission from the instructor to enroll. Check the course catalog for details. Courses in bold are particularly relevant.

Penn Undergraduate Courses

  • BEPP 220: Behavioral Economics, Markets, and Public Policy
  • PSYC 265: Behavioral Economics and Psychology
  • ECON 236: Health Economics
  • OIDD 490: The Science of Behavior Change

Penn Graduate Courses

  • BDS 501: Behavioral Science: Theory and Application of Experimental Methods
  • BDS 505: Research Methods for Behavioral Science
  • BDS 585: Consulting in Behavioral Science
  • PHIL 531: Social Norms
  • NURS 613 / PUBH 608: Behavioral Economics and Health
  • DYNM 647: Influence and Persuasion
  • OIDD 900: Foundations of Decision Processes
  • MGMT 919: Personnel Economics B
  • BEPP 915: Behavioral Economics and Policy Analysis

Penn Online Certificate Courses
(ideal for K award/training grant didactics)

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