Vaccine Acceptance


Behavioral economic principles can help us to understand what makes individuals more or less likely to get vaccinated. CHIBE researchers have conducted studies and provided guidance related to COVID-19, HPV, flu, childhood vaccines, and more both in the United States and globally.

Here's some of our work in the area of vaccines

vaccine administration
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Strategies for National COVID Vaccine Program

CHIBE researchers offered guidance for a national strategy to promote COVID-19 vaccines, using behavioral science and social marketing approaches to boost vaccine confidence and uptake.

Legislative and Administrative Interventions

Our researchers found that in California, statewide legislative and educational interventions were associated with a decrease in the yearly rates of kindergartners without up-to-date vaccination status.

HPV Vaccine Hesitancy

What cognitive biases contribute to vaccine hesitancy among parents of adolescents? These investigators looked at six decision-making factors: base rate neglect, conjunction fallacy, sunk cost bias, present bias, risk aversion, and information avoidance.

Flu Shot Mega Trials

What’s the best way to nudge patients to get the flu vaccine? CHIBE researchers were involved in 2 mega studies looking into the most effective ways to boost vaccine uptake and found that SMS messages that were framed as reminders to get flu shots that were already reserved for the patient worked best.

Our Experts in Vaccine Acceptance

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Alison Buttenheim

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Kevin Volpp

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Angela Duckworth

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Alexander Fiks

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