Obesity & Food Choice


Behavioral economic principles can help us to understand and prevent obesity. By testing incentives to encourage weight loss, nutrition labeling, and other healthy eating interventions, investigators at CHIBE uncover the factors that influence decisions related to our weight. Ultimately, this work provides an evidence base that can save lives by decreasing the incidence of obesity and related causes of death, including heart disease, stroke, type 2 diabetes and certain types of cancer.

Here's some of our work in the area of food and beverage choice and obesity

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Sugary Beverage Taxes

CHIBE researchers discovered that Philadelphia’s sweetened beverage tax was associated with a 38% drop in sugary beverage purchases, providing evidence that these taxes can be an important policy tool to improve public health.

Sodium Labeling on Menus

This study, which looked at the effects of sodium labeling on menus, helped inform the design of the Philadelphia sodium warning requirement. The researchers found that designs with warning text were especially effective.

Incentives for Weight Loss

This study showed that financial incentives can encourage significant weight loss during a 16-weeks intervention. The researchers considered prospect theory, loss aversion, and regret in the interventions.

Advance Meal Ordering

Could encouraging people to order their meals in advance help them make healthier eating decisions? This study demonstrated that time delays led consumers to order meals that were lower in calories.

Our Experts in Food Choice and Obesity

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