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The advent of mobile health (mHealth) technology and wearables has put more health information than ever at the fingertips of clinicians and their patients. How can this new technology be most effectively leveraged to deliver high value care and achieve wellness goals?

Researchers at CHIBE answer this question by testing connected health interventions through CHIBE’s Way to Health software platform, as well as wearable fitness trackers and apps.  By applying the principles of behavioral economics to these interventions, our investigators uncover cutting-edge insights with the power to transform health care delivery and increase individual wellness.

Here's some of our work in the area of mobile health and wearables

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Remote Monitoring

What device is better for remotely monitoring patient health behaviors after hospital discharge? This study found that patients discharged from the hospital who used smartphones to track behavior transmitted data for longer periods of time compared with those using wearables.

Tracker Use

CHIBE researchers looked at activity tracker activation, sustained use, and step counts and found that the results varied across sociodemographic characteristics. To their knowledge, this is one of the first national evaluations of activity tracker use among a large, diverse sample.

Cancer Screenings

Sending patients text messages and opt-out mailed fecal immunochemical test kits can substantially improve colorectal cancer screening rates in an underserved population, this study found.

Distracted Driving

Our researchers are exploring technological strategies to prevent distracted driving. This study examined teens’ willingness to reduce cellphone use while driving and perceptions of potential strategies to limit this behavior.

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