Global Health

Since our Center was founded in 2008, CHIBE’s research has provided policymakers and clinicians with scalable evidence to drive health behavior and health policy change. Our faculty work collaboratively with institutions and investigators abroad to test behavioral economics interventions in diverse populations and settings. Through cross-cultural collaboration in populations as diverse as Singapore, India and South Africa, among other countries, CHIBE is furthering the reach of its work to influence policy, health care delivery and individual wellness on a global scale.

Here's some of our work in the area of global health

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Sleep in India

Our researchers examined the economic consequences of increasing sleep among the urban poor in Chennai, India. They found that short afternoon naps could increase productivity, psychological well-being and cognitive function.

Chagas in Peru

CHIBE researchers explored a behavioral design approach to improving a Chagas disease vector control campaign in Peru and shared lessons learned in this paper.

HIV Testing in Uganda

This study found that calendar planning prompts may be an effective and low-cost behavioral intervention for encouraging men in rural Uganda to get tested for HIV. The prompts were particularly effective when they were delivered closer to the testing dates.

HIV Testing in Kenya

Our researchers found that providing multiple HIV self-tests to women at high risk of HIV infection was a successful approach to promote HIV testing among their sexual partners and facilitate safer sexual decisions in Kenya.

Our Experts in Global Health

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Alison Buttenheim

Harsha Thirumurthy

Ricardo Castillo Neyra

Ricardo Castillo-Neyra

Osea Giuntella

Louise Russell

Heather Schofield