COVID-19 Pandemic


CHIBE is proud that our faculty have worked hard to respond to the COVID-19 pandemic, creating numerous programs locally and nationally, generating scholarship, and providing thought leadership to guide the pandemic response worldwide.

Here's some of our work we've done related to the COVID-19 pandemic

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Cognitive Bias

CHIBE researchers looked at how errors in human cognition that prioritize the readily imaginable over the statistical, the present over the future, and the direct over the indirect affected decisions during the pandemic.

Behavioral Nudges

Our researchers found that text-based reminders that made vaccination salient and easy were effective in boosting COVID-19 vaccination rates within a health care system.

Increasing Vaccine Uptake

CHIBE researchers offer 3 strategies for increasing vaccinations that are more sustainable solutions than offering financial incentives.

Our Experts

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Alison Buttenheim

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Kevin Volpp

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Iwan Barankay

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Carolyn Cannuscio

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Angela Duckworth

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Osea Giuntella

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Katy Milkman

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Daniel Polsky

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