Additional Behavioral Science Topics

CHIBE-affiliated faculty members are involved in a variety of behavioral science research—some of which is directly tied to increasing healthy behaviors—while other research revolves around diverse topics such as insurance, leadership, ethics, taxation, climate change, marketing, motivation, and decision-making in general. On this page, you’ll also find experts in: social epidemics and social networks, labor economics, politics, law, negotiations, immigration, voting, and more.

Here's some of our diverse work in behavioral science

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Power of Rethinking

Why are humans slow to react to looming crises, like a forewarned pandemic or a warming planet? It’s because we’re reluctant to rethink, says Dr. Adam Grant.

Emergency Reserves

Dr. Marissa Sharif has found that framing goals with “emergency reserves” can motivate individuals to persist after subgoal failures, leading to better performance on long-term goals.

Partisan Bias

What are the effects of social learning and partisan bias in the interpretation of climate trends? CHIBE-affiliated faculty member Dr. Damon Centola and colleagues explore what can help both conservatives and liberals interpret climate data, eliminating belief polarization.

Psychic Numbing

In a paper titled “The More Who Die, the Less We Care,” Dr. Sudeep Bhatia explores “psychic numbing” in verbal behavior and offers possible interventions for reducing this phenomenon and overcoming barriers to action.

Our Experts

tom baker headshot

Tom Baker

Insurance law

Jonah Berger

Social epidemics

sudeep bhatia

Sudeep Bhatia

Judgment and decision-making

Damon Centola

Social networks and behavior change

osea giuntella

Osea Giuntella

Health and labor economics

Adam Grant headshot

Adam Grant

Motivation and meaning


Daniel Hopkins

Politics and policy


Howard Kunreuther

Risk management, climate change


Barbara Mellers

Judgment and decision-making

Meredith Matone

Meredith Matone

Maternal health and child maltreatment prevention

alex rees jones headshot

Alex Rees-Jones

Policy analysis


Maurice Schweitzer

Negotiation and emotions

marissa sharif

Marissa Sharif

Motivation and decision-making

Nina Strohminger, CHIBE affiliated faculty member headshot

Nina Strohminger

Business ethics