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CHIBE Q&A: Damon Centola, PhD

By CHIBEblog

Damon Centola, PhD, is Professor of Communication, Sociology and Engineering at the University of Pennsylvania, where he directs the Network Dynamics Group. Dr. Centola is also a Senior Fellow at LDI and affiliated faculty member with the Center for Health Incentives & Behavioral Economics (CHIBE). He just published a book called Change: How to Make Big Things Happen, which you can learn more about on his website. Learn more about Dr. Centola in our Q&A below. What made you want to write Change: How to Make Big Things Happen? I am a sociologist who studies the way that beliefs and…

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Patient Engagement Hit: Revamping Medical Education to Address Racial Bias, Disparities

By In the News

Medical schools must consider how they should approach race in their curricula. Institutional racism in medical industries is gradually being recognized as a critical influence in health disparities, inequities, and racial bias. In a recently published paper, researchers asserted that previous medical school curricula focused on biological differences between races that led to racial health disparities, which is incongruent with today’s understanding of health disparities. “In medical school, 20 years ago, we often learned that higher rates of hypertension in certain racial and ethnic groups, was due to genetic predisposition, personal behaviors, or unfortunate circumstances,” Jaya Aysola, MD, MPH, study…

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