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top 10 most talked about articles of 2022

Two Papers with CHIBE Authors Named in Applied Clinical Informatics’ Top 10 Papers in 2022

By CHIBEblog

Two papers with CHIBE-affiliated authors made the list of a journal’s top 10 most talked about papers in 2022. Congratulations to Roy Rosin, MBA; Kevin Volpp, MD, PhD; and Srinath Adusumalli, MD, MSHP, MBMI, who were involved in the papers recognized by the journal Applied Clinical Informatics. See the two papers and the authors below: Design, Implementation, and Validation of an Automated, Algorithmic COVID-19 Triage Tool By Elana A. Meer, Maguire Herriman, Doreen Lam, Andrew Parambath, Roy Rosin, Kevin G. Volpp, Krisda H. Chaiyachati, John D. McGreevey III This paper described the design, implementation, and validation of a COVID-19 triage…

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New York Times: Will Covid Boosters Prevent Another Wave? Scientists Aren’t So Sure.

By In the News

From The New York Times: As winter looms and Americans increasingly gather indoors without masks or social distancing, a medley of new coronavirus variants is seeding a rise in cases and hospitalizations in counties across the nation. The Biden administration’s plan for preventing a national surge depends heavily on persuading Americans to get updated booster shots of the Pfizer-BioNTech and Moderna vaccines. Now some scientists are raising doubts about this strategy. Older adults, immunocompromised people and pregnant women should get the booster shots, because they offer extra protection against severe disease and death, said John Moore, a virologist at Weill…

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