Team Members

Jennifer Lewey, MD and Lisa Levine, MD, MSCE



Social incentives & gamification to encourage physical activity and social support among high-risk postpartum women

Women with hypertensive disorders of pregnancy, such as preeclampsia and gestational hypertension, are at elevated risk of cardiometabolic risk factors and premature death from atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease (ASCVD). Interventions to improve lifestyle factors that compound the development of hypertension and diabetes in this population are critically needed and can have significant public health impact.

The Heart Safe Motherhood (HSM) program is a successful 10-day postpartum blood pressure control intervention operationalized through Way to Health. We propose a randomized controlled trial enrolling the HSM population into an intervention that will use connected devices, social incentives, and gamification to promote physical activity during the postpartum period. This intervention will start at 6 weeks postpartum and last 12 weeks and is modeled after the gamification feature already developed within Way to Health. We will also interview women after the intervention to collect important qualitative data to understand what characteristics predict program responsiveness. We will use the qualitative and quantitative data generated by this pilot to design a weight loss intervention for women at greatest risk of postpartum obesity and will apply for funding for this subsequent clinical trial.