Lottery Prizes and Experimental Evaluation of Cohort Retention During Adolescence

Principal Investigator: Jonathan Mitchell, PhD

Recruitment and retention in the pediatric setting present unique challenges. For instance, parental consent and participant assent are both required, and the motivation to participate and continue to be involved changes with maturation; adolescence is a particularly challenging period.

Monetary and non-monetary incentives are already being used for cohort retention purposes in a clinical study involving adolescents at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP). In collaboration with CHOP’s Recruitment Enhancement Core, our project experimentally tests if the addition of lottery incentives: 1) increases participant retention at 1- year follow-up and 2) increases study protocol compliance at 1-year follow-up.

Our project will randomize half the baseline sample of 8th grade adolescents in the Sleep and Growth Study (S-Grow) to receive standard incentive (monetary and a non-monetary gift) and half to standard plus lottery. This latter group will be entered into a lottery for family movie tickets if they schedule a follow-up visit. They will also be entered into a lottery to for an iPad if they are highly compliant with the S-Grow study protocol. We will use logistic regression to test if those in the standard plus lottery arm are more likely to: 1) complete their follow-up study visit and 2) be highly compliant with the study protocol.