Team Members

Gwendolyn Lawson, PhD

Research Areas


ALACRITY Pilot Program

Leveraging Behavioral Economics to Promote Teacher Consultation Among School Behavioral Health Clinicians


1.       We will survey School Therapeutic Services (STS) clinicians in Philadelphia public schools to understand clinicians’ self-efficacy, norms, attitudes, and intentions regarding clinical practices for disruptive behavior (teacher consultation around behavioral principals vs. individual child therapy). We also will measure how implementation climate supports or impedes the use of teacher consultation compared with individual therapy for disruptive behaviors.

2.       We will conduct semi-structured interviews with a subset of these clinicians, stratified on intentions to consult with teachers, to gather richer qualitative information about teacher’s perceptions about teacher consultation. The interviews will be guided by the framework of EAST, a set of principles to encourage behaviors by making them easy, attractive, social, and timely, with the goal of identifying aspects of this framework to target for improvement.

3.       We will use the theory of planned behavior and the EAST framework to systematically develop implementation strategies to promote clinician’s use of teacher consultation for disruptive behaviors. We will engage clinicians in rapid prototyping, using behavioral rehearsal, to refine strategies. With this pilot data, we will apply for funding to test the most promising implementation strategies.