Team Members

Nancy Hodgson, RN, PhD, FAAN

Miranda McPhillips, PhD, RN

Nalaka Gooneratne, MD, MsC



Enhancing enrollment of dyads in dementia research

Dementia is a major public health epidemic and continues to worsen as the older adult population expands. Recruitment of study participants, especially dyads in dementia related research, is a major impediment to research study completion. There is substantial literature documenting challenges to recruiting for dementia research and proposed strategies to address the barriers. However, these strategies are not fully addressing the recruitment challenge. No study to date has qualitatively examined factors that affect both members of the dyads’ decisions to enroll in research or tested variations in allocating compensation.

Our solution to address this concern is to conduct interviews with dyads who have completed a dementia intervention study to gain an in depth understanding of factors that influenced their decision to enroll in the clinical trial. Furthermore, we propose evaluating different incentive structures to assess their impact on recruitment and enrollment. Our study team includes experts in dementia research, mixed methods and qualitative research, and recruiting and enrolling older adults to facilitate implementation. The resultant knowledge development and research findings have the potential to significantly facilitate recruitment, especially of dyads in dementia research, using this innovative solution.