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Program on the Global Demography of Aging (Harvard University); Mind Brain Behavior Interfaculty Initiative (Harvard University), Pershing Square Venture Foundations for Human Behavior (Harvard University); Weiss Family Program Fund; ITMAT/CHIBE (University of Pennsylvania); SHASS Research Fund (MIT)

Chronic Sleep Deprivation Among the Poor – A Lab-And-Field Approach in India

Co-Investigator with: Gautam Rao and Frank Schilbach

Despite widespread chronic sleep deprivation around the globe, and particularly among the poor (including our study population of low-income adults in urban India, who sleep 5.5 hours/night on average), little is known about the economic impacts of poor sleep. The proposed randomized field experiment with 500 data-entry workers in Chennai, India will (1) objectively measure sleep over a one-month period in the participant’s natural home environment, (2) evaluate interventions to reduce sleep deprivation among low-income adults, and (2) estimate the causal effect of improved sleep on labor supply, productivity, and decision-making.