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carolyn cannuscio headshot

Anatomy Chemistry Building, Room 145
3620 Hamilton Walk
Philadelphia, PA 19104

Phone: 215.746.4175
Fax: 215.573.9025
Research Area(s): Chronic Disease Management Medication Adherence

Carolyn Cannuscio, ScD

Associate Professor of Family Medicine and Community Health, Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania

Dr. Cannuscio is a social epidemiologist with substantial experience studying aging, chronic disease, and health disparities. Her current work concentrates in two ares: the material and social causes of later-life health disparities, and the preventable causes of urban health disparities. To advance the use of visual methods in health disparities research, Dr. Cannuscio collaborates with Dr. David Asch, Eve Weiss, and a strong interdisciplinary team of student research assistants . Her innovative work on the Health of Philadelphia Photo-documentation Project is highlighted here as well as in Social Science and Medicine and Journal of Urban Health. Dr. Cannuscio also has a particular interest in material hardship, especially in later life. Recent work published in the American Journal of Public Health highlights the adverse impact of food-, housing-, and health care-insecurity on the health of older adults–a particularly salient issue during the current economic crisis.