Faculty Positions

Research Interests

Dr. Simonsohn is interested in the interplay between economics and psychology.  Dr. Simonsohn explains, “ I typically am answering a version of the following question: which cognitive, emotional, or social factors influencing behavior in the lab have relevant consequences in decisions made outside the lab? Less often I answer a question more like: what are the specific cognitive, emotional or social factors, in the lab, behind a decision of relevance outside the lab.”

In the health domain, Dr. Simonsohn is becoming interested in applying econometric techniques to large datasets of health outcomes to understand questions of interest to medicine.

Currently (mid-2010) Dr. Simonsohn is beginning research that is attempting to infer misdiagnoses from health insurance data and to study the possible brain-tumor consequences of cellphone use.

Selected Publications

Simmons J, Nelson L, Simonsohn U. False-positive psychology: Undisclosed flexibility in data collection and analysis allow presenting anything as significant. Psychological Science. (In Press)

Saiz A, Simonsohn U. Proxying for unobservable variables with internet document frequency.  Journal of the European Economic Association. (In Press) 

Pope D, Simonsohn U. Round numbers as goals: Evidence from baseball, SAT takers, and the lab. Psychological Science.  2011; 22(1): 71-79.



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