Faculty Positions

Research Interests

Tom Baker is one of the nation’s preeminent scholars in insurance law. His research explores insurance, risk, and responsibility in a wide variety of settings, using methods and perspectives drawn from economics, psychology, sociology, and history, as well as law. Among current research projects, he is studying health insurance decisions and the design of the health insurance exchanges under the Affordable Care Act. He is the Reporter for the American Law Institute Principles of Liability Insurance Project and a member of the Working group on Behavioral Economics and the Regulation of Retail Financial Markets sponsored by the Sloan and Sage Foundations. Before entering law teaching, he clerked for Judge Juan Torruella of the United States Court of Appeals for the First Circuit, practiced with the firm of Covington & Burling in Washington, D.C., and served as an Associate Counsel for the Independent Counsel investigating the Iran-Contra affair.

Selected Publications

Baker T. Health Insurance, Risk, and Responsibility after the Affordable Care Act. 159 University of Pennsylvania Law Review. 2011; 1577.

Baker T, Siegelman P. Tontines for the Invincibles: Enticing Low Risks into the Health Insurance Pool with an Idea from Insurance History and Behavioral Economics. Wisconsin Law Review. 2010; 79.

Baker T. The Medical Malpractice Myth. University of Chicago Press. 2005 (paperback 2007).

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