Faculty Positions

Research Interests

Dr. Kral's research combines behavioral genetic and experimental research methods to study human ingestive behavior and its implications for the prevention and treatment of obesity. 

For example, Dr. Kral conducts research on the cognitive, sensory, and nutritional controls of appetite and eating in children and adults and their relevance to obesity; with specific research attention devoted to the study of individual predispositions that may place some children at increased risk for overeating and excessive weight gain. In particular, she is assessing how familial predispositions to leanness or obesity interact with environmental factors, such as the omnipresence of palatable, energy-dense foods, to produce individual differences in energy intake regulation.

Dr. Kral is also studying how differences in the reinforcing value of food and the perception of sensory properties of food affect food choices and consumption behavior among consumers.

Selected Publications

Kral TVE, Hetherington MM.  Variability in children's eating response to portion size:  A biobehavioural perspective, Appetite, in press.

Kral TVE, Moore RH, Compher CW.  Maternal concern about child weight in a study of weight-discordant siblings.  Public Health Nursing, in press.

Kral TVE, Souders MC, Tompkins VH, Remiker AM, Eriksen WT, Pinto-Martin JA.  Child eating behaviors and caregiver feeding practices in children with autism spectrum disorders.  Public Health Nursing, in press.

Kral TVE, Remiker AM, Rauh EM, Moore RH.  Role of child weight status and the relative reinforcing value of food in children's response to portion size increases.  Obesity.  2014; 22:1716-1722.

Faith MS, Carnell S, Kral TVE, Genetics of food intake self-regulation in childhood:  Literature review and research opportunities.  Human Heredity.  2013;75(2-4):80-89.

Kral TVE, Eriksen WT, Souders MC, Pinto-Martin JA. Eating behaviors, diet quality, and gastrointestinal symptoms in children with autism spectrum disorders: A brief review. Journal of Pediatric Nursing. In press.

Kral TVE, Allison DB, Birch LL, Stallings VA, Moore R, Faith MS.  Calorie compensation and eating in the absence of hunger in 5 to 12 year old weight-discordant siblings. American Journal of Clinical Nutrition. 2012; 96: 574-83.

Faith MS, Van Horn L, Apel LJ, Burke L, Carson JAS, Franch HA, Jakicic JM, Kral TVE, et al.  Evaluating parents and adult caregivers as "agents of change" for treating obese children - Evidence for parent behavior change strategies and research gaps.  A scientific statement from the American Heart association.  Circulation. 2012; 125(9); 1186-1207.

Mathias KC, Rolls BJ, Birch LL, Kral TVE, Hanna EL, Davey A, Fisher, JO. Serving larger portions of fruits and vegetables together at dinner promotes intake of both foods among young children. Journal of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics. 2012; 112: 266-270.

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