Faculty Positions

Research Interests

Dr. Bellamy is an Associate Professor of Biostatistics in the Department of Biostatistics and Epidemiology and a Senior Scholar in the Center for Clinical Epidemiology and Biostatistics (CCEB). Her research interests are focused on the methodological issues related to the design and analysis of cluster or group randomized trials. She is particularly interested in applying this methodology to community-based research projects and to projects which address a variety of health disparities for a number of clinical and behavioral health outcomes. She is applying her experience in clinical trials to several ongoing behavioral economics projects within CHIBE and her collaborative projects have included studies of women's reproductive health, HIV/STI behavioral risk modification and lung injury following trauma or transplant.

Selected Publications

Bellamy SL, Gibberd R, Hancock L, Howley P, Kennedy B, Klar N, Lipsitz SR, Ryan LM. Analysis of dichotomous outcome data for community intervention studies. Statistical Methods in Medical Research. 2000; 2:135-160.

Bellamy SL, Li Y, Ryan LN, Lipsitz S, Canner MJ, Wright R. Analysis of clustered and interval censored data from a community-based study in asthma. Statistics in Medicine. 2004; 23:3607-3621.

Bellamy SL, NIMH Multisite HIV/STD Prevention Trial for African American Couples Study Group. A dynamic block-randomization algorithm for group-randomized clinical trials when the composition of blocking factors is not known in advance. Contemporary Clinical Trials (formally Controlled Clinical Trials). 2005; 26(4): 469-479.

Bellamy, SL, Li Y, Lin X, Ryan LM. Quantifying PQL bias in estimating cluster-level covariate effects in group-randomized trials. Statistica Sinica. 2005; 15(4):1015-1032.

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