Research Interests

Dr. Shaw’s research interests include statistical methodology to address covariate and outcome measurement error, the evaluation of diagnostic tests, and design of medical studies. She has a particular interest in the use of biomarker studies to calibrate exposure measurements in the fields of nutritional and physical activity epidemiology and environmental health, to allow for a better estimate of the association between these exposures and disease.  More recently she has developed a novel rank test to evaluate a composite survival outcome in the presence of interval censoring. She has continued collaborations in a variety of epidemiologic and clinical studies, with a focus on infectious and chronic disease.

Selected Publications

Shaw PA and Proschan MA. Null but not void: Considerations for hypothesis testing. Statistics in Medicine, 2013, 32(2): 196-205.

Shepherd B, Shaw PA and Dodd L. Using audit Information to adjust parameter estimates for data errors in clinical trials. Clinical Trials, 2012 Dec; 9(6): 721-729.

Shaw PA, Prentice, RL. Hazard Ratio Estimation for Biomarker-Calibrated Dietary Exposures. Biometrics, 2012 Jun; 68(2): 397-407.

Shaw PA, Pepe MS, Alonzo TA, Etzioni, R. Methods for assessing improvement in specificity when a biomarker is combined with a standard screening test. Statistics of Biopharmaceutical Research, 2009 Feb 1; 1 (1): 18-25.