Research Interests

Dr. Patel is an Assistant Professor of Medicine and Health Care Management at the Perelman School of Medicine and The Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania.  He is a Staff Physician at the Philadelphia VA Medical Center and is a faculty member at the Penn Medicine Center for Health Care Innovation.  Dr. Patel's research leverages concepts from behavioral economics to design connected health approaches to improve individual health behaviors. His work also evaluates how information technology-based interventions can be designed to change physician behaviors to reduce low-value services and increase the delivery of high-value care.

Selected Publications

Patel MS, Asch DA, Volpp KG.  Wearable devices as facilitators, not drivers, of health behavior change.  JAMA.  2014;In Press.  

Patel MS, Day S, Howell JT, Lautenbach GL, Nierman EH, Volpp KG.  Using default options within the electronic health record to increase the prescribing of generic equivalent medications:  A quasi experimental study.  Annals of Internal Medicine.  2014;In Press.

Patel MS, Volpp KG, Small DS, Hill AS, Even-Shoshan O, Rosenbaum L, Ross RN, Bellini L, Zhu J, Silber JH.  Association of the 2011 ACGME resident duty hour reforms with mortality and readmissions among hospitalized Medicare patients.  JAMA.  2014;In Press.

Patel MS, Reed DA, Loertscher L, McDonald FS, Arora VM.  Teaching residents to provide cost-conscious care - A national survey of residency program directors.  JAMA Internal Medicine.  2014;174(3):470.

Patel MS, Arron MJ, Sinsky T, Green E, Baker D, Bowen JL, Day SC.  Estimating the staffing infrastructure for a patient-centered medical home.  American Journal of Managed Care.  2013;19(6):509-516.

Patel MS, Volpp KG. Leveraging insights from behavioral economics to increase the value of health-care service provision. Journal of General Internal Medicine. 2012;27:1544-1547.

Patel MS, Davis MM, Lypson ML.  Advancing medical education by teaching health policy.  New England Journal of Medicine.  2011;364(8):695-697.


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