Faculty Positions

Research Interests

Dr. Milkman's research documents various ways in which individuals systematically deviate from making optimal choices, and she is particularly interested in understanding what factors lead people to undersave for retirement, exercise too little, eat too much junk food, and watch too many lowbrow films. Her current research is investigating ways to increase the rate at which people get flu shots, eat health foods, and visit the gym.

Selected Publications

Dai H,  Milkman KL, Hofmann D, Staats BR:  The impact of time at work and time off from work on rule compliance:  The case of hand hygiene in health care.  Journal of Applied Psychology.  (in press)

Rogers T, Milkman KL, Volpp KGM: Commitment devices:  Using initiatives to change behavior.  Journal of the American Medical Association.  2014; 311:2065-2066.

Dai H, Milkman KL, Riis J:  The fresh start effect:  Temporal landmarks motivate aspirational behavior.  Management Science.  2014; 60:2563-2568.

Milkman KL, Minson JA, Volpp KG: Holding the hunger games hostage at the gym:  an evaluation of temptation building. Management Science. 2014; 60:283-299.

Milkman KL, Beshears JJ, Choi D, Laibson D, Madrian BC:  Planning prompts as a means of increasing preventive screening rates. Preventive Medicine.  2013; 56: 92-93.

Milkman KL. Unsure what the future will bring?  You may over-indulge:  Uncertainty increases the appeal of wants over shoulds.  Organizational Behavior and Human Decision Processes.  2012; 119: 163-176.

Dai H, Milkman KL, Beshears J, Choi JJ, Laibson D, Madrian BC.  Planning prompts as a means of increasing rates of immunization and preventive screening.  Public Policy & Aging Report.  2012; 22(4): 16-19.

Milkman KL,  Beshears J, Choi JJ, Laibson D, Madrian BC:  Using implementation intentions prompts to enhance influenza vaccination rates. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.  2011; 108: 10415-10420.

Milkman KL, Rogers T, Bazerman MH:  I'll have the ice cream soon and the vegetables later: A study of online grocery purchases and order lead time. Marketing Letters. 2010; 21(1): 17-36. 

Martin JM, Beshears J, Milkman KL, Bazerman MH, Sutherland L: Modeling expert opinions on food healthiness: A nutrition metric. Journal of the American Dietetic Association. 2009;109(6): 1088-1091.

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