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Dr. Bekelman is a radiation oncologist and cancer health services researcher. His research program focuses on testing alternative payment reform and care delivery models to promote accountable cancer care and investigating the comparative effectiveness of advanced radiotherapy treatments for men with prostate cancer. Dr. Bekelman’s research is supported by the National Cancer Institute, the American Cancer Society, and philanthropic gifts.

Selected Publications:

Bekelman JE, Epstein AJ, Emanuel EJ: Single vs Multiple Fraction Radiotherapy for Bone Metastases from Prostate Cancer. JAMA. 2013; 310(14):1501-1502.

Bekelman JE, Kim M, Emanuel EJ: Toward Accountable Cancer Care. JAMA Intern Medicine. 173(11):958-9.

Bekelman JE, Handorf EA, Guzzo T, Pollack CE, Christodouleas J, Resnick MJ, Swisher McClure S, Vaughn D, Ten Have T, Polsky D, Mitra N: Radical Cystectomy versus Bladder Preserving Therapy for Muscle-Invasive Urothelial Carcinoma: Examining Confounding and Misclassification Bias in Cancer Observational Comparative Effectiveness Research. Value Health; 2013 Jun; 16(4):610-8.

Bekelman, J. E.,  Mitra, N.,  Efstathiou, J.,  Liao, K.,  Sunderland, R., Yeboa, D. N.,  Armstrong, K.: Outcomes after intensity-modulated versus conformal radiotherapy in older men with nonmetastatic prostate cancer. Int J Radiat Oncol Biol Phys 81(4): e325-34, 2011.

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