Faculty Positions

Research Interests

Dr. Long’s research focuses on social determinants of health and health care especially as they pertain to socioeconomic and racial disparities. Dr. Long assesses these issues in the context of chronic disease, in particular diabetes, using established measures to gauge disease specific medical outcomes.  Current work focuses on the delivery of care to diabetic veterans with serious mental illness and interventions to improve glucose control for low income and minority diabetics with persistently poor control. The intervention studies employ a mixture of both peer mentors and financial incentives to motivate behavior change. 

Selected Publications 

Long JA, Chang VW, Ibrahim SA, Asch DA: Update on the health disparities literature. Annals of Internal Medicine 2004; 141: 805-812.

Rashid JR, Spengler R, Wagner R, Melanson C, Skillen E, Mays R, Heurtin-Roberts S, Long JA: Eliminating health disparities through transdisciplinary research, cross-agency collaboration, and public participation  American Journal of Public Health. 2009; 99(11): 1955-1961.

Long, JA, et al. Patient opinions regarding “pay for performance for Patients.” Journal of General Internal Medicine. 2008;23(10): 1525-1497

Shacter HE, Shea JA, Akhabue E, Sablani N, Long JA: A qualitative evaluation of racial disparities in glucose control. Ethnicity and Disease. 2009; 19(2): 121-127.

Long JA, Field S, Armstrong K, Chang VW, Metlay JP: Social capitol and glucose control. Journal of Community Health. 2010;35(5):519-26.

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