Faculty Positions

Research Interests

Dr. Kessler’s research is directed toward understanding the decision to register as an organ donor, including the perceived costs and benefits. Investigating social forces in health behaviors, in particular settings like purchasing insurance, taking preventative care measures, and complying with medication.

Selected Publications:

Kessler JB, Roth AE: (2012). Organ allocation policy and the decision to donate. American Economic Review. 102(5), 2018-2047.

Kessler JB, Roth AE: (2014).  Getting more organs for transplantation.  American Economic Review Papers and Proceedings.  104(5):425-430.

Kessler JB, Roth AE:  (2014).  Loopholes undermine donation:  an experiment motivated by an organ donation priority loophole in Israel.  Journal of Public Economics.  114:199-28.

Ongoing Relevant Projects:

"Don't take 'no' for an answer: An experiment with actual organ donor registrations" (with Alvin E. Roth) 2014.
"The articulation effect of government policy: Health insurance mandates versus taxes" (with Keith M. Ericson), 2014.