Faculty Positions

Research Interests

Dr.Kimberly's research interests include innovation and change in health systems, diffusion of technology, organizational identity and its consequences, and also the business of addiction treatment.

Selected Publications

Kimberly JR, McLellan AT:  The business of addiction treatment: A research agenda. Journal of Substance AbuseTreatment. 2006; 31: 213-219.

Corredoira R, Kimberly JR:  Industry evolution through consolidation: Implications for addiction treatment. Journal of Substance Abuse Treatment. 2006; 31: 255-265.

Rye CB, Kimberly JR: The adoption of innovations by provider organizations in health care.  Medical Care Research and Review. 2007; 64(3): 235-278.

Kimberly JR,  de Pouvourville G, D’Aunno  T (Eds.):  2008. The globalization of managerial innovation in health care. London:Cambridge University Press.