Research Interests

Dr. Hart is a patient-oriented investigator with a focus on health care decisions made under conditions of uncertainty. She is specifically interested in two main areas: (1) the psycho-behavioral factors that explain variation in care provided by physicians and elected for by patients and (2) the influences of biases and heuristics on shared decision making processes. She has created and works within a research niche that brings previously underutilized research methods and conceptual theories to clinical medicine with the overarching goal of providing empirical evidence to shape clinical practice and policies. She applies these theories and methods to the clinical areas of tobacco-associated lung diseases, lung cancer, end-of-life decision making, and critical illnesses.

Selected Publications

Hart, JL, Pflug, E, Madden, V, Halpern, SD. Thinking forward: future thinking among patients with thoracic diseases and their surrogates. The American Journal of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine, 2015.

Hart, JL, Harhay, MO, Gabler, NB, Quill, CM, Halpern, SD.  Variability among United States intensive care units in managing patients admitted with pre-existing limits on life-sustaining therapies.  JAMA Internal Medicine, 2015.

Hart, JL, Halpern, SD. Default options in the ICU: widely used but insufficiently understood. Current Opinion in Critical Care, 2014.

Hart, JL, Kohn, R, Halpern, SD. Perceptions of organ donation after circulatory determination of death among critical care physicians and nurses: a national survey. Critical Care Medicine, 2012.

Research Projects

Recent News