Research Interests

Jaya Aysola is an Assistant Professor of Medicine and Pediatrics at the Perelman School of Medicine with interests in evaluating policy solutions to socioeconomic disparities in primary care. Her research interests focus on three areas: 1) social determinants and their role in uptake of primary care services 2) the evaluation and development of models for improving primary care quality and reducing inequities, and 3) the assessment of policy interventions aimed at improving access to primary care workforce for vulnerable populations.

Selected Publications


Aysola J, Orav EJ, Ayanian JZ. Neighborhood Characteristics Associated with Access to Patient-Centered Medical Homes for Children. Health Affairs. 30(11): 2080-9, Nov 2011.

Aysola, J, Bitton A, Zaslavsky A, Ayanian JZ. Quality and Equity of Primary Care with Patient-Centered Medical Homes: Results from a National Survey. Medical Care. Pending publication, epub October 2012.

Brito A, Grant R, Overholt S, Aysola J, Pino I, Spalding SH, Prinz T, Redlener I. The Enhanced Medical Home: The Pediatric Standard of Care for Medically Underserved Children. Advances in Pediatrics 55: 9-28, 2008.