Faculty Positions

Research Interests

Dr. Doshi’s research aims to understand the economic, clinical, and policy implications of prescription cost-sharing designs, formulary restrictions, and drug utilization management tools across the spectrum of Medicare (Part D), Medicaid, VA, and commercially insured patients. Her research also focuses on the impact of reimbursement and coverage designs on biologicals use, adherence, and expenditures. In the related areas of medication appropriateness and quality of care, her research examines the prevalence, causes, and outcomes of suboptimal medication use in chronic diseases and the clinical and economic impact of innovative interventions for improving medication adherence and management. She also serves as an expert on methodological issues in cost-effectiveness analysis and is co-author of a book on “Economic evaluation in clinical trials” (Oxford University Press), the first book dedicated entirely to this topic.

Selected Publications

Doshi JA, Polsky D. Generosity of Drug Benefits and Essential Cardiovascular Medication Use among Medicare Retirees. American Journal of Managed Care 2007;13(7): 21-27.

Stuart B, Doshi JA, Terza J. Assessing the Impact of Drug Use on Hospital Costs. Health Services Research. 2009;44(1): 128-44.

Rosenheck RA, Leslie DL, Doshi JA. Second-generation antipsychotics: cost-effectiveness, policy options, and political decision making. Psychiatric Services 2008;59(5):515-20.

Doshi JA, Zhu J, Lee B, Kimmel S, Volpp K. Impact of prescription copayment increase on lipid-lowering medication adherence in veterans. Circulation. 2009;119(3):390-7.

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