Research Interests

Dr. Chapman's research combines judgment and decision making with health psychology to examine the decision processes underlying preventive health behaviors such as vaccination.

Selected Publications

Li, M. & Chapman, G.B. (2013).  Nudge to health: Harnessing decision research to promote health behavior.  Social Psychology Compass, 7/3, 187-198.

Chapman, G.B., Li, M., Vietri, J.T., Ibuka, Y., Thomas, D., Yoon, H. & Galvani, A. (2012).  Using game theory to examine incentives in influenza vaccination behavior. Psychological Science, 23(9), 1008-1015.

Chapman, G.B., Li, M., Colby, H., & Yoon, H. (2010).  Opting in versus opting out of influenza vaccination. JAMA, 304(1), 43-44.