Research Interests

Dr. Huffman’s research is in the area of behavioral economics. About half of his work is basic research on preferences and biases in decision-making. He uses survey methods, lab experiments, and field experiments to measure and understand risk preferences, time preferences, and social preferences. The other half of his work is more applied, focusing mainly on the psychological foundations of incentives in the domains of labor and health. Some of his current research projects include a large-scale field experiment to encourage uptake of flu vaccine and field experiments on reducing the use of low-value care by physicians and patients. 

Selected Publications

Dohmen T,  Falk A, Sunde U, Huffman H. The Intergenerational Transmission of Risk and Trust Attitudes. Review of Economic Studies. 2012,79(2), 645-677.

Abeler J, Falk A, Goette L, Huffman D. Reference Points and Effort Provision. The American Economic Review. 2011, 101(2), 470–492.

Dohmen T, Falk A, Huffman D, Sunde U, Schupp J, Wagner G. Individual Risk Attitudes: Measurement, Determinants and Behavioral Consequences. The Journal of the European Economic Association. 2011,9(3) 522–550.

Dohmen T, Falk A, Huffman D, Sunde U. Are Risk Aversion and Impatience Related to Cognitive Ability? The American Economic Review. 2010, 100(3), 1238 – 1260.