Research Interests

Dr. Guerra’s research interests focus on cancer screening and prevention, specifically colorectal, breast and cervical cancer and on better understanding and reducing cancer disparities across the entire spectrum of cancer – from screening to survivorship. Dr. Guerra is the founding director of the UPHS colorectal cancer screening navigation program and the UPHS Healthy Woman Program which help improve access to cancer screening tests to vulnerable populations. 

Selected Publications

Guerra CE, Dominguez F, Shea JA. Literacy and Knowledge, Attitudes and Behavior about Colorectal Screening. J Health Commun. 2005; 10:651-663.

Guerra CE, Jacobs SE, Holmes J, Shea JA. Are Physicians Discussing Prostate Cancer Screening with their Patients and Why or Why Not? J Gen Intern Med. 2007;22(7):901-907.

Guerra CE, Schwartz JS, Armstrong K, Brown JS, Hughes Halbert C, Shea JA.  Barriers of and Facilitators to Physician Recommendation of Colorectal Cancer Screening. J Gen Intern Med. 2007;22(12): 1681-1688.

Guerra CE, Gimotty PA, Shea JA, Pagan JA, Schwartz JS, Armstrong KA. Effect of Guidelines on Primary Care Physician Use of Screening PSA: Results from the Community Tracking Study Physician Survey. Med Decis Making. 2008; 28(5):681-89.