Research Interests

Ari Friedman is interested in health systems financing and in economic questions related to the functioning of emergency medical systems, with a particular emphasis on the relationship between financing and health outcomes.

Selected Publications

Ezzati M, Friedman AB, Kulkarni SC, Murray CJL. Reversal of Fortunes: Trends in County Mortality and Cross-County Mortality Disparities in the United States. PLoS Medicine 2008; 5(4):e66.

Danaei G, Friedman AB, Oza S, Murray CJL, Ezzati M. Diabetes Prevalence and Diagnosis in US States: analysis of health surveys. Population Health Metrics 2009; 7:16.

Dionisio KL, Rooney MS, Arku RE, Friedman AB, Hughes AF, Vallarino J,  Agyei-Mensah S, Spengler JD, Ezzati M. Within-neighborhood patterns and sources of particle pollution: mobile monitoring and geographic information system analysis in four communities in Accra, Ghana. Environmental Health Perspectives 2010; 118(5):607-13.