Research Interests

Dr. Hillier is an Associate Professor of City and Regional Planning in the School of Design and holds a secondary faculty appointment at the School of Social Policy & Practice. She is a Senior Fellow with the Leonard Davis Institute and Center for Public Health Initiatives. Her research focuses on racial and economic disparities and access to services and resources in disadvantaged communities. She teaches courses in geographic information systems (GIS) mapping in city planning, social work, and urban studies, and most of her own work uses GIS and spatial analysis. Most recently, Dr. Hillier’s research has focused on access to healthful foods and has used GIS, door-to-door surveys, in-depth interviews, and secondary data about food shopping patterns to study food store choice and its impact on health. She also conducts research relating to outdoor advertising, with a special emphasis on tobacco and sugary beverage ads, and physical activity and use of parks. 

Selected Publications

Hillier A, McLaughlin J, Cannuscio C, Chilton M, Krasny S, Karpyn A. The Impact of WIC food package changes on access to healthful foods in two low‐income urban neighborhoods. Journal of Nutrition Education and Behavior, 2012;44(3): 210-216.

Hillier A, Cannuscio C, Karpyn A, McLaughlin J, Chilton M, Glanz K. How far do low-income parents travel to shop for food?  Empirical evidence from two urban neighborhoods. Urban Geography, 2011;32(5): 712-729.

Hillier A, Chilton M, Zhao Q, Szymkowiak D, Coffman R, Mallya G. (in press), Concentration of tobacco advertisements at SNAP and WIC Stores, Preventing Chronic Disease.

Hillier A, Smith TE, Cannuscio C, Karpyn A, Glanz, K. (in press). A discrete choice approach to modeling food shopping behavior. Environment and Planning B.