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Dr. Navathe is interested in patient and physician factors related to quality of care, readmissions as a quality of care indicator, including important patient and provider characteristic associations and improvements in predictive modeling, profitability of clinical services, teaching hospital status, and financial health of hospitals.

Selected Publications

Ezekiel J. Emanuel, MD; Peter A. Ubel, MD; Judd B. Kessler, PhD; Gregg Meyer, MD, MSc; Ralph W. Muller, MA; Amol S. Navathe, MD, PhD; Pankaj Patel, MD; MSc; Robert Pearl, MD; Meredith B. Rosenthal, PhD; Lee Sacks, MD; Aditi P. Sen, PhD; Paul Sherman, MD; and Kevin G. Volpp, MD, PhD. Using behavioral economics to design provider incentives that deliver higher quality and lower cost care. Forthcoming in Annals of Internal Medicine. 2015.


Zhou, L., Baughman, A. W., Lei, V. J., Lai, K. H., Navathe, A. S., Chang, F., Sordo M, Topaz M, Zhong F, Murrali M, Navathe S.B. and Rocha, R. A. Identifying Patients with Depression Using Free-text Clinical Documents. Studies in health technology and informatics 216 (2014): 629-633.

Powers B.W., A.S. Navathe, and  S.H. Jain.  Medical Education’s Authenticity Problem. BMJ. 2014. 348: g2651.

Navathe A.S., Silber J.H., Small D.S., Rosen A.K., Romano P.S., Even-Shoshan O., Wang Y., Zhu J., Halenar M.J., and Volpp K.G."Teaching Hospital Financial Health and Patient Outcomes following ACGME Resident Duty Hour Reform." Health Services Research.  2013. 48 (2): 476-498. DOI: 10.1111/j.1475-6773.2012.01453.x.


Navathe A.S., Silber J.H., Zhu J., and Volpp K.G. “Do Teaching Hospitals Improve Acute Myocardial Infarction Survival?” Academic Medicine. 2013. 88(4):475-482.


Lindrooth R.C., R.T. Konetzka, M.J. Press, A.S. Navathe, J. Zhu, W. Chen, and K.G. Volpp. “The Impact of the Profitability of Hospital Admissions on Mortality.” Health Services Research. 2013. 48 (2): 792–809. DOI: 10.1111/1475-6773.12026


Navathe A.S., Volpp K.G., Konetzka R.T., Press M.J., Zhu J., Chen W., and Lindrooth R.C. “A Longitudinal Analysis of the Impact of Hospital Service Line Profitability on the Likelihood of Readmission.” Medical Care Research and Review. 2012. 69(4). 414 - 431.


Navathe A.S., C. Clancy, and S. Glied. “Advancing Research Data Infrastructure for Patient-Centered Outcomes Research.”  JAMA. 2011. 306 (11). 1254-1255.


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