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Jason Karlawish, MD

    • Jason Karlawish Headshot

  • University of Pennsylvania
  • Perelman School of Medicine, Division of Geriatric Medicine
  • Ralston-Penn Center
  • 3615 Chestnut Street
  • Philadelphia, PA 19104
  • Phone: 215-898-8997

Faculty Positions

Research Interests

Doctor Karlawish’s research focuses on ethical issues in human subjects research and the care of persons with late-life cognitive disorders such as Alzheimers Disease and Parkinsons Disease. His research investigates issues in dementia drug development, informed consent, quality of life, research and treatment decision making, and voting by persons with cognitive impairment and residents of long term care facilities. He has studied elderly persons’ willingness to allow family to serve as a proxy for research decision making, consent capacity, whether Alzheimers Disease clinical trials can be redesigned to increase family caregivers’ willingness to enroll, and voting rights for older adults with cognitive impairment. 

Selected Publications

Karlawish J, Cary M, Rubright J, TenHave T: How redesigning AD clinical trials might increase study partners’ willingness to participate. Neurology. 2008; 71: 1883-1888.

Lai JM, Gill, TM, Cooney LM, Bradley EH, Hawkins KA, Karlawish JH: Everyday decision-making ability in older persons with cognitive impairment. Am J Geriatr Psych 2008; 15(5): 693-696.

Karlawish J, Rubright J, Casarett D, Cary M, TenHave T, Sankar P: Older adults’ attitudes toward noncompetent subjects participating in Alzheimers research. Am J Psychiatry 2009; 166: 182-188.