University of Pennsylvania
School of Nursing and Perelman School of Medicine
Claire M. Fagin Hall
418 Curie Blvd, Room 308

Phone: 215-573-7512
Fax: 215-573-7507
Research Area(s): Obesity & Food Choice

Tanja Kral, PhD

Associate Professor of Nutrition Science, School of Nursing and Perelman School of Medicine

Dr. Kral’s research combines behavioral genetic and experimental research methods to study human ingestive behavior and its implications for the prevention and treatment of obesity.

For example, Dr. Kral conducts research on the cognitive, sensory, and nutritional controls of appetite and eating in children and adults and their relevance to obesity; with specific research attention devoted to the study of individual predispositions that may place some children at increased risk for overeating and excessive weight gain. In particular, she is assessing how familial predispositions to leanness or obesity interact with environmental factors, such as the omnipresence of palatable, energy-dense foods, to produce individual differences in energy intake regulation.

Dr. Kral is also studying how differences in the reinforcing value of food and the perception of sensory properties of food affect food choices and consumption behavior among consumers.