University of Pennsylvania
Perelman School of Medicine, Division of General Internal Medicine
1126 Blockley Hall
423 Guardian Drive


Laurie Norton, MA

Assistant Director for Research Operations

Laurie Norton is the Assistant Director for Research Operations at CHIBE. In this role, she directs a cohort of studies within the University of Pennsylvania Health System that use behavioral economic interventions to improve clinical outcomes and for which the health system bears financial risk. She also assists CHIBE and Health Policy with research operations, providing guidance to new faculty and helping to execute strategic plans.

Past research at CHIBE includes the effects of financial incentives on weight loss and the effects of a protected sleep period for medical residents. Prior to joining Penn in March 2007, Laurie worked as an administrator in the peace and social justice programs at the American Friends Service Committee and at the Ford Foundation. She holds a master’s of arts degree from Villanova University.

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