August 2016 Newsletter

  • Insurance Premium Breaks Don't Prompt Weight Loss in Penn Study
  • Cancer Care a Good Area to Explore Default Options
  • Musings of a Behavioral Economist: Joanna Hart, MD
  • Researcher Spotlight: M. Kit Delgado, MD, MS

April 2016 Newsletter

  • Warning Label Dampens Parents' Interest in Buying Sugary Drinks
  • Financial Incentives May Boost Young Adults' Epinephrine Auto-Injector Use
  • Musings of a Behavioral Economist: Mitesh Patel
  • Researcher Spotlight: Heather Schofield, PhD

January 2016 Newsletter

  • Study: Shared Patient-Physician Incentives Seem to Help Lower LDL Cholesterol
  • Study: Tapping Social Forces for Drug Adherence Promising but Outcomes Not Much Improved vs Control
  • Researcher Spotlight: Christina Robert, PhD
  • What Michael Faraday Taught Me About Running Health RCTs

October 2015 Newsletter

  • Health Systems Can Significantly Increase the Likelihood that Doctors will Prescribe Generic Medications by Using the Default Settings in the Electronic Health Record
  • Article: Drs. David Asch and Peter Ubel Discuss Strategies to Reduce Physician Resistance to "De-innovation" in Health Affairs
  • Fostering Improvement in the End-of-Life Decision Science (FIELDS) Program
  • Researcher Spotlight: Amol Navathe, MD, PHD

June 2015 Newsletter

  • Study: Incentives Help Smokers Quit - Effectiveness Varies By Program Design
  • Research: Medicaid Boost Tied to Better Physician Appointment Availability
  • Researcher Spotlight: Alex Rees-Jones, Ph.D.

March 2015 Newsletter

  • Wearable Devices Alone Won't Drive Healthier Behaviors
  • Penn Researchers Find Slow Acceptance of High-Value Breast Cancer Treatment
  • Consumer Behavior on the Public Health Insurance Exchanges
  • Researcher Spotlight: Gretchen Chapman, Ph.D.

December 2014 Newsletter

  • NIH Awards Penn Profs Grant to Try Behavioral Economics in Peru Chagas Effort
  • Research: Widely Used Yes-No Choice Doesn't Boost Organ Donor Registrations
  • Researcher Spotlight: Justin Bekelman, MD

September 2014 Newsletter

  • HeartStrong Study Uses Wireless Pill Bottle Caps, Social Support for Drug Adherence
  • Penn's New Prevention Research Center Targets Chronic Disease, Health Disparities
  • Decisions to Start Smoking and Quit are Highly Variable and Defy Single Solutions
  • Researcher Spotlight:  Karen Glanz, PhD, MPH

June, 2014 Newsletter

  • Study: Temporal Landmarks Spur "Fresh Start" Toward Achieving Goals
  • Study: Simple A1C "Report Cards" Didn't Help Diabetic Patients With Blood Sugar
  • BMJ Explores Government and Employer Use of Health Incentives
  • Researcher Spotlight: Iwan Barankay, PhD

March, 2014 Newsletter

  • CVS Caremark Phases Out Tobacco
  • Affordable Care Act Commentary
  • Typical Health Plans Confuse Insured
  • Smaller Incentives Effective in Increasing Self-Monitoring Among Diabetics
  • Research Spotlight: Carey K. Morewedge, PhD

January, 2014 Newsletter

  • Bundling Exercise and Tempting Audio Books Can Boost Gym Time
  • Pairing Guidelines with Fas-Food Calorie Counts Doesn't Improve Choices
  • Research Spotlight: Lisa Rosenbaum, MD
  • Musings About Behavioral Economics: Lewis Sandy

October, 2013 Newsletter

  • Authors Say Impact of ACA Health Incentives Will Depend on Design
  • Penn Study Finds Nighttime Intensivist Staffing Doesn't Boost Patient Outcomes
  • Research Spotlight: Adam Grant, PhD
  • Musings About Behavioral Economics: Helen Darling, MA

July, 2013 Newsletter

  • Smoker Hiring Ban
  • Employer-Based Financial Incentives for Weight Loss
  • Research Spotlight: Jonah Berger, PhD
  • Musings of a Behavioral Economist: David Kirchoff

April, 2013 Newsletter

  • How Decisions are Made Near the End of Life
  • Are Financial Incentives Effective for Long- Term Smoking Cessation?
  • Research Spotlight: Scott Halpern
  • Musings of a Behavioral Economist: Katherine Milkman

January, 2013 Newsletter

  • The Importance of Internal Health Champions in Corporate Settings
  • Research Spotlight: Mitesh Patel
  • Research Spotlight: Peter Reese
  • Musings of a Behavioral Economist: Alison Buttenheim

October, 2012 Newsletter

  • Way to Health: The Next Step in Automated Hovering
  • Enabling Innovation: New Center is Created
  • Research Spotlight: Kathryn Saulsgiver
  • Translating Research Into Practice: Benefits of Working with Corporate Partners
  • Musings of a Behavioral Economist: David Huffman

June, 2012 Newsletter

  • Roybal Center Pilot Finds Peer Mentoring Provides Health Benefits
  • CHIBE and RWJF - Working Together
  • Research Spotlight: Kenji Taylor and M2M
  • Introducing the FIELDS Program
  • Musings of a Behavioral Economist: Judd Kessler