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"Your Big Idea" Innovation Tournament Announces Two Winners

Source: Penn Medicine News, May 24, 2012

Penn Medicine's first "Your Big Idea" Challenge selected two winning ideas out of over 1,700. The winning ideas that will be implemented are MyPenn Scheduler, an interactive appointment scheduling website and Patient Service Kiosks that enable patients to register and check in for appointments. Christian Terwiesch and Kevin Mahoney are very pleased with the quality and quantity of the ideas submitted for the tournament.

"Your Big Ideas Challenge" Yields Innovative Ideas From Penn Staff

Source: MedCity News, April 23, 2012, LDI Health Economist, April 25, 2012

Kevin Mahoney's "Big Ideas Challenge" sought ideas for innovative ways to improve patient care from Penn staff. Ten ideas were chosen out of over 1,750 to be presented at a town hall meeting next month. Future innovation tournaments will focus on more targeted issues. 

Christian Terwiesch described this as "the American Idol phenomena" because "you have thousands of potential innovations but don't know which ones would ultimately create the kind of value that really moves the needle on patient experience." He also pointed out that the winning ideas will be refined into effective business plans.

Technology to Transform Medicine

Source: AAMC Reporter, April 19, 2012 

In an interview with the AAMC Reporter about his book "Smart Medicine," Bill Hanson discusses how technological advances make health care more efficient and less costly. He suggests that the traditional model of medical education is already over and that the new model is moving toward a more team-based approach leaning heavily on easily accessible information.

Challenges Ahead: Planning to Meet Health Care Needs

Source: The Philadelphia Inquirer, September 28, 2011

In 2014, healthcare reforms will provide millions of new patients with insurance through Medicaid, yet obstacles to medical care will likely remain. Pilot research conducted in Northeast Philadelphia by UPHS Center for Innovation in Health Care Financing Member David Grande revealed a dearth of medical care available, with only 14 percent of medical practices in the study area having room for new patients insured by Medicaid. In addition, available data make it difficult to determine where physicians practice, a key point of information in allocating health care resources.

Reject Soda Industry-Funded Anti-obesity Program

Source: Philadelphia Inquirer, September 20, 2011

In an op-ed for the Philadelphia Inquirer, David Grande voiced support for Mayor Nutter in his rejection of an anti-obesity program funded by soda manufacturers. Grande notes, “Such industry support is designed to dissuade city officials from enacting a soda tax.”

UPHS and CHIBE Partner on New Center

Sources: Penn Medicine Press Release, August 18, 2011The Daily Pennsylvanian, September 19, 2011; University of Pennsylvania Almanac, November 1, 2011

The University of Pennsylvania Health System Center for Innovation in Health Care Financing is a joint project between the Center for Health Incentives and Behavioral Economics at the Leonard Davis Institute for Health Economics and the University of Pennsylvania Health System. The UPHS Center tests and implements behavioral economic approaches to patient, provider, and employee health, healthcare delivery, and wellness. For more information see the UPHS Center web page.

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