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Critiquing Penn State's New Wellness Program

Source: NPR, Philadelphia Inquirer, July 25, 2013

Penn State employees that do not participate in a new health program titled "Take Care of Your Health" will be charged a $100 a month surchage. Kevin Volpp and Mark Pauly were both interviewed for their critiques on the new program. Kevin Volpp offered that  "a penalty-type program doesn't engender warm feelings among the employees that the employer is looking out for their best interests and is just trying to help them." Mark Pauly commented that "it's a pipe dream that it will save Penn State money."

Insurance and Behavioral Economics

Source: LDI Health Economist, October 1, 2012

Mark Pauly of the Leonard Davis Institute and colleague Howard Kunreuther collaborated on a new book entitled "Insurance and Behavioral Economics: Improving Decisions in the Most Misunderstood Industry." In an interview for the LDI Health Economist, Mark Pauly notes that the book's target audience is scholars as well as those in the insurance industry, with the goal of making them think more carefully about what they do.

Mark Pauly Receives Lifetime Achievement Award

Source: American Society of Health Economists, May 18, 2012

LDI Senior Fellow Mark Pauly has been named a recipient of the American Society of Health Economists' (ASHEcon) 2012 Victor R. Fuchs Lifetime Achievement Award. 

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Recommendations Against Unnecessary Medical Tests

Source: Philadelphia Inquirer, April 4, 2012

A new campaign has nine medical societies making recommendations against dozens of unnecessary medical tests in order to cut costs and avoid anxiety and risky follow-up procedures in patients. Mark Pauly believes that insured patients might not question the need for tests that they are not paying for directly. He says "the way to get them to do it is to give them a stake in the outcome."

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Predictions about the Health Insurance Mandate

Source: WHYY Newsworks, March 15, 2012

Mark Pauly discusses the evolution of the health insurance mandate idea and its current purpose. He also offers up some predictions about the Supreme Court hearing later this month.

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LDI Panel Critiques the PBS Documentary "US Health Care: The Good News'"

Source: LDI Health Economist, February 2012

Mark Pauly, Janet Weiner, Daniel Polsky and David Grande took part in a panel discussion of the PBS documentary's content. They commented on the barriers that have prevented the innovative techniques highlighted in the documentary from being adopted by the rest of the country.

Mark Pauly Wins $50,000 Health Services Research Prize

Source: Association of University Programs in Health Administration

LDI Senior Fellow Mark Pauly has been named the 2012 winner of the William B Graham Prize for Health Services Research. The award program is funded by the Baxter International Foundation and administered by the Association of University Programs in Health Administration (AUPHA). The prize includes $50,000 which will be split between Pauly and an institution of his choice to continue and expand his research. The prize will be awarded at the AUPHA Annual Meeting on May 31st in Minneapolis. Pauly is the Bendheim Professor of Health Care Management at Penn's Wharton School.

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Politics of the Health Care Mandate

Source: The New York Times, February 14, 2012

While most conservatives now oppose the idea of an individual mandate, Mark Pauly reveals that his views remain the same. His influential paper calling for an individual mandate in 1991 is cited.

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The Role of For-Profit Hospitals in Patient Care

Source: The Record, February 3, 2012

Mark Pauly weighs in on an article discussing the effects of for-profit hospitals on the quality of health care. He offers that even though people may not like the idea of for-profit hospitals, it may be the only way to get a hospital in their community

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Fixes for Long-Term Care Insurance

Source: The Washington Post, October 19, 2011

Mark Pauly was invited to weigh in on potential solutions to the issue of low adoption of long-term care insurance. On Medicare expansion, Pauly noted that higher deductibles might work; but, he was more skeptical about the idea that better marketing might improve take-up.

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High Income People Can Be Uninsured

Source: Virginia Pilot Online, October 16, 2011

Mark Pauly, in an article about the relative lack of health insurance among high-earning residents of Norfolk, Connecticut, offered that these people may be young and healthy, "grasshoppers." Alternatively, perhaps, the data reflect people without health insurance who happen to live with a high earning person.

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Paper on Incentives for Smoking Cessation Wins “Best Published Research Paper of the Year Award” from the Society of General Internal Medicine

A paper published in 2009 in NEJM by Kevin Volpp, Andrea Troxel, Mark Pauly, Henry Glick and David Asch of LDI CHI, Robert Galvin of General Electric, and other colleagues was selected as the most outstanding of the nominated papers for making a contribution to generalist research. The award was presented at the Society’s April annual meeting.

Bending the Cost Curve with Insurance Reform?

Mark Pauly debates with Harvard University's David Cutler on public radio whether the new health care reform, including provisions for pay for performance incentive schemes and wellness programs, will reduce health care costs.

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Incentives for Smoking Cessation Study Wins 2010 BMJ Group Award for “Getting Research Into Practice”

Kevin VolppAndrea TroxelMark PaulyHenry GlickDavid Asch, Robert Galvin of General Electric and other colleagues received this year’s award for successfully introducing evidence based improvements to employer smoking cessation programs using financial incentives. Dr. Asch accepted the award in London on behalf of the team at a black-tie event.

Enticing People Towards Healthier Behaviors

CHIBE faculty members Mark Pauly, Kevin Volpp and George Loewenstein describe studies they have conducted on financial incentives for smoking cessation, weight loss and medication adherence and the promises these approaches hold for modifying behavior and reducing health care spending.

Moral Hazard the Top Story in December 2008 Journal of Health Economics

Source: Journal of Health Economics, December, 2008

Mark Pauly and doctoral student Fredric Blavin explore how the use of evidence based medicine and cost-effectiveness analysis can add useful insight to the classical moral hazard framework in the optimal design of insurance.

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