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LDI Panel Critiques the PBS Documentary "US Health Care: The Good News'"

Source: LDI Health Economist, February 2012

Mark Pauly, Janet Weiner, Daniel Polsky and David Grande took part in a panel discussion of the PBS documentary's content. They commented on the barriers that have prevented the innovative techniques highlighted in the documentary from being adopted by the rest of the country.

Challenges Ahead: Planning to Meet Health Care Needs

Source: The Philadelphia Inquirer, September 28, 2011

In 2014, healthcare reforms will provide millions of new patients with insurance through Medicaid, yet obstacles to medical care will likely remain. Pilot research conducted in Northeast Philadelphia by UPHS Center for Innovation in Health Care Financing Member David Grande revealed a dearth of medical care available, with only 14 percent of medical practices in the study area having room for new patients insured by Medicaid. In addition, available data make it difficult to determine where physicians practice, a key point of information in allocating health care resources.

Reject Soda Industry-Funded Anti-obesity Program

Source: Philadelphia Inquirer, September 20, 2011

In an op-ed for the Philadelphia Inquirer, David Grande voiced support for Mayor Nutter in his rejection of an anti-obesity program funded by soda manufacturers. Grande notes, “Such industry support is designed to dissuade city officials from enacting a soda tax.”